Using mvBase Printers

This section contains the following tasks or procedures related to operating printers that are defined for mvBase. These topics are applicable once a printer has been connected to a system on the network and properly set up and configured for use by mvBase.


Once printer configuration is complete, printers of all types (Windows and MultiValue) behave within mvBase in virtually identical fashion (that is, printer and Spooler TCL commands are nearly always applicable to all mvBase printers within the MultiValue environment). One notable exception is the AUX ON/AUX OFF TCL command, which connects or disconnects MultiValue AUX port auxiliary printers to mvBase lines, and is not applicable to other printer types.


Overview of Printer Operation

Briefly describes the relationship between printers, and their assigned lines, processes and statuses.

Starting a Printer with the STARTPTR Command

Describes the procedure to commence printer operation in mvBase once the printer has been properly set up. Applies to both Windows and MultiValue printers.

Restarting a Printer with the STARTPTR Command

Describes use of the STARTPTR command to restart a stopped printer. Because the printer definitions are stored in the printer control block, all you have to specify is the printer number in order to restart it.

Checking the Status of Printers with the LISTPTR Command

Describes use of the LISTPTR command to obtain information about printers.

Stopping a Printer with the STOPPTR Command

Describes the process of stopping an operational printer. The method of stopping a printer is an execution of the STOPPTR command issued at TCL. The function of this command is determined by the current operational state of the printer.

Removing a Printer from the System with the SP-KILL Command

Describes how to use the SP-KILL command to remove (delete) a printer from the system.

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