who command

The who command displays the port number, user-ID, and account name for the current port, a specified port, or all ports.


who {port.number} {(options}
who {*} {(options}
who {user-ID} {(options}


port.number Port number whose current account is to be displayed. If not specified, the account for the current port displays.
* Displays the account names for all ports that are logged on.
options a Converts output format to D3 format, showing the user-ID followed by the account name. This is the default setting.
c Converts output format to R83 format.
n No pause option suppresses the pause at the end of the page on the terminal.
z Displays status of all ports, including those not logged on. The account name displays as unknown for ports not logged on.


56 ref bob

who (a
[1321] D3 output for WHO display specified.

56 bob ref