u50bb user exit

The u50bb user exit returns the port number, user-ID, and current account for this process, just like the TCL who command.


result = oconv(’{[a|u|p]}{%pib}’, ’u50bb’)




A specific portion of the who information can be requested. If the conversion value begins with the character a, u, or p, then only the account, user, or PIB is returned respectively.

The data for another PIB can be obtained by inserting a % followed by the PIB number in the conversion value.


In D3, a contains 0 bob dm if the current user-ID is bob and the current account name is dm.

a = oconv(’’, ’u50bb’)

a contains the current account.

a = oconv(’a’,’u50bb’)

a contains the user-ID for PIB 3.

a = oconv(’u%3’,’u50bb’)