set-sct command

The set-sct command attaches the SCT drive to the current process. This must be executed before any other tape handling commands. This command is provided for compatibility.


 set-sct {(options}


options blocksize Can be any value between 512 and 16384, but must be a multiple of 512. The default is 16384.
h High density, if available.
l Low density, if available.
s Standard density, if available.


The set-sct command specifies a 1/4-inch streaming tape unit as the peripheral storage device. The set-sct command automatically specifies a t-att (tape-attach) command and a t-rew (rewind) command.

Make sure the hardware is present for a 1/4-inch drive. Otherwise, the port might wait indefinitely. If only one density is available, then it is used. The default is high density.

Note: If there are more than one SCT devices, or one SCT device with multiple densities, the set-sct command selects the first device shown in the list produced by the list-device command. To select another SCT or another density, the set-device command must be used.