t-rew command

The t-rew command rewinds the attached media to the beginning of, or load point on, the tape.

Warning: All types of magnetic media, including floppy disks, must be rewound before performing any tape input or output operations.






If the tape unit has not been attached, the t-rew command completes these actions:

  • Attaches the selected tape unit to your process.
  • Resets the tape drive.
  • Checks that a tape has been inserted into the tape drive.
  • In the case of a VTF, checks that the destination directory/file already exists.
  • Rewinds the tape.

Use the t-rew command when you want to not only attach the unit to the process, but reset and rewind a physical tape. It can also be used to ensure that the attaching procedure has been completed successfully.