log-msg command

The log-msg command records the time and date that a particular macro is executed.


log-msg message


The log entry is placed into the dm,errors, file. This command is executed by the power-off process and can be used within a macro (for example, to note when the macro was executed).


log-msg application event
sort errors by date

Page 1      errors          07:31:34                      02 Feb 2003
errors....  date..  time..  r mode-addr......                  user    error...
867553651   10/01   14:54   Coldstart after abnormal shutdown  dm (0)  log-msg
867625376   10/02   07:02   Coldstart after normal shutdown    dm (0)  log-msg
867626224   10/02   07:17   application event                  dm (1)  log-msg
[405] 3 items listed out of 3 items.

The report includes the following headings:

errors System-generated job number (item-ID) for this item.
date Date that this error was logged.
time Time that this error was logged.
r Register address (0—f), which triggered the error condition (for example, forward link zero, referencing illegal frame aborts, and so on.)
mode-addr Description of the error, or address of the program when it generated the error.
user (pib) User-ID who was running the process along with the port number.
error Process which caused this error message to be placed in the log.