errors file

The errors file contains system error and log-msg messages used to determine how the system is functioning.





The item-IDs are 13-digit date/time stamps (5-digit date, plus 5-digit time), plus an alphabetical character for multiple creations within a second.

The specific types of errors that generate messages are:

  • Logoff commands
  • System errors
  • Shutdown
  • Coldstart

The attributes for the errors file are:

Attribute Name Description
0 date Date error was logged.
timedate Item-ID in the errors file consists of the date and time that the error was logged.
1 error Error code. Possible errors are:
00 Opcode 26 update protection on
01 phantom read 27 update protection off
02 rtn full 28 index inconsistent
03 zero fid 29 remote file error
04 frm lmt 30 transaction error
05 fwd link 31 reclaim-ovf error
06 bck link 33 time changed
07 priv op 34 reset user
08 bad fid 35 pointer item-id mismatch
09 disk err R0001 remote file/item missing
0a break R0002 remote item locked
0b stk fmt R0003 remote command not supported
0c lvl push R0004 remote operation failed
0e end off R0005 incorrect remote command
0f trace R0006 server did not respond
11 file inconsistency count R0007 remote file incorrect
12 file inconsistency link R0008 invalid remote driver
13 file inconsistency body R0009 no more remote groups
14 File inconsistency hash R000A cannot get remote FD
15 B-tree index R000B remote permission denied
16 ovf mul rel R000C no remote service
17 b-tree index mismatch R000D no remote host
19 logoff R000E no remote protocol
1a overflow runaway R000F cannot create remote connection
1b overflow range R0010 cannot bind remote connection
1c corrupt internal structure R0011 cannot set remote passive
20 ovf signature error R0012 cannot connect to remote
21 ovf link error R0013 disconnect from remote
22 fcb corruption R0014 remote transmission error
23 clear-file R0015 interrupt
24 delete-file s log-msg
2 user The user of the error logging process.
Warning: For Windows: if D3 is started as a service on Windows or the USERNAME environment is not set, then the user-ID cannot be determined. In this case, the user-ID will show as "<service or unknown">.
3 r Register triggering the error.
4 mode-addr Contains the error message and the mode address when the error occurred.
5 abs-fid Base FID of the ABS area executed by the process.
6 pgm-ctr Program counter when the error occurred.
7 abs-date Creation date of the ABS where the error occurred.
8 abs-imp Implementation type of the ABS where the error occurred.
11 pcb-fid Process control block (pcb) frame-ID.
12 userpib The user and PIB of the error logging process.
17 rtime  
18 rcount  
19 message  
20 registers


OSFI error information
Process register image.

OSFI error information. Includes:

  • Command
  • File OSFI is trying to connect to
  • Error code (UNIX socket)
  • Socket number where the error occurred
21 run-stack Process execution stack.
22 last-tcl-entry The last three TCL stack entries.
23 File inconsistency-fid Contains four values:
1 Frame-ID of the group containing the file inconsistency.
2 Address (in storage register format) of the item where the file inconsistency was detected.
3 Forward link of the frame in which the file inconsistency occurred.
4 Backward link of the same frame.
24 File inconsistency-file The path name of the file in which the file inconsistency was found.

Disk error

For UNIX: On D3 UNIX, the error log for a disk error, attribute 23, is ee dd 0000 00 00 ffffffff xx where

ee UNIX error code (value of errno).
dd Logical disk number, as defined in configuration file.
ffffffff Frame number, in hexadecimal.
xx command: 00=read, 01=write.

The other fields are unused. Depending on the implementation, some other information can be obtained from the UNIX error log (errpt) or for Linux, it is /var/log/message.

For Windows: Not supported.

The following data-levels exist under the errors file:

gfe Additional information is captured in the errors,gfe data section in an item that has the same item-ID as the error that is logged in the errors file.
ovf Displays the frame that captured the overflow error.
pcb The pcb image is captured in the errors,pcb data section for some errors.