list-lines command

The list-lines BASIC program displays communications protocol information for every port attached to the virtual machine.

For Windows: Not Supported

For UNIX: UNIX device name displays.






The report includes these headings:

Line# PIB or port number.
Baud/rt Baud rate of the port.
Parity State of parity: none, even or odd.
Stop Number of stop bits.
Data Number of data bits.
DCD Data carrier detect status, on or off.
Xon/off State of flow control, enabled or disabled.
TTY UNIX tty device attached to the port.

For UNIX: The tty parameter is supported by UNIX only.

Warning: If the process is not connected to the virtual machine, list-lines fails to report the terminal setting.



Line#   Baud/rt   Parity   Stop   Data   DCD   Xon/off   TTY
0       9600      NONE     1      8      OFF   enabled   /dev/tty0
1       OFF
2       9600      NONE     1      8      OFF   enabled   /dev/tty2
3       9600      NONE     1      8      OFF   enabled   /dev/tty3
4       9600      NONE     1      8      OFF   enabled   /dev/tty4