xonoff command

The xonoff BASIC program disables or enables x-on/x-off on a specified port, or the current port.


 xonoff {(options}


options port.number Integer number that indicates the port number.
f Sets the xon/xoff command to Off.
n Sets the xon/xoff command to On. This is the default setting.
s Suppresses the output of the status message.
When the xon/xoff capability is On:
  • CTRL+S stops output from displaying on the terminal.
  • CTRL+Q resumes the display.
  • If no options are specified, you will see the status.

The xon and xoff commands are used for flow control to printers and other devices.


Example 1

 [1314] xon/off is enabled.

Example 2

 xonoff (f
 [1315] xon/off is disabled.

Example 3

 xonoff (n
 [1314] xon/off is enabled.