Account passwords can be used to limit the access to an account or to limit access to the system.

Master dictionary (account) passwords are stored in encrypted form in attribute 7 of items within the mds file. Master dictionary passwords are assigned at the time a master dictionary is created and can be changed by editing the mds file from the dm master dictionary at any time by a user with level 2 system privileges (sys2).

Encrypted user passwords are stored in individual users file items in attribute 7.

Both the user and the account passwords can be MultiValue.

Note: Passwords are case sensitive, regardless of the state of case sensitivity on the system!

If a password is specified, it is requested at log on. If an incorrect password is entered, the user is denied access to the system. If the proper password is entered, the user is then requested to enter the name of the master dictionary to be accessed. If that master dictionary requires a password, the user is prompted for it.

The user’s password can be changed by editing the users file in the dm account through the Update processor. Passwords can also be assigned or changed by issuing the command sequence:

u mds password