password command

The password BASIC program allows adding, changing or removing a user or account password.

To enter a user or account password:

  1. Issue password from the dm account.

    The password is encrypted into a hexadecimal string. The command prompts for:

    Change user or account password (U,<A)>?

    User passwords are found in the dm,users, file.

  2. Enter the appropriate user-ID.

    Account passwords are found in the mds file, where the item-ID is the account name. The password is encrypted in attribute 7.

  3. Enter the account name.

    If the password for dm is being changed and a password is currently defined, this prompt displays:

    Enter old password (you will not see what you type):

    The old password must be entered before it allows changing or removing the password. If the old password is unknown, the easiest way to change it is to use the Update processor directly on the account name in the mds file (u mds password).

    Enter new password (you will not see what you type):
  4. Enter the password here. Pressing ENTER at this prompt indicates that the password is to be removed.

    Re-enter new password for verification (you will not see what you type):

    If a password is being added or changed, the password command requires that the same password be entered again to verify that it was entered correctly.

    If a password is being removed, this prompt displays:

    Confirm that you wish to remove the account password (y/n)
  5. Answer the question accordingly.

    • Passwords are case sensitive. Although the password program does not specifically provide for this feature, user and account passwords can be MultiValue. The old password is not requested if the user is dm.

    • If you are running in Windows Authentication mode and you are changing a user password, then it only affects the DM user or any user whose user name is used to log on to a phantom. If you log on to D3, then the password will be updated with an encrypted version of your Windows password.