Referencing variables

When in the debugger, the current value of any variable may be examined (and optionally changed) using the forms listed.

*/var Accesses a plain variable and displays its current value.
*/var [position,length] Accesses a string of length characters starting from character position in the string specified in position.
*/dim.array.var(row) Accesses a single-dimensioned array variable. With the subscript designated, only that element displays.
*/dim.array.var If a dimensioned array is referenced without a subscript, each element displays. To exit this display without stepping through all of the elements, press BREAK, or enter any non-null value.
*/dim.array.var(row,col) Accesses a specific location of a two-dimensional array. See the above form for array references without subscripts.
*/dyn.array.var <(amc{,vmc{,svm}})> Accesses the specific location of a dynamic array.
*/* Displays the current assignment of every variable in the program.

In general, access types can be combined, as in:

*/ var{(row{,col})}{< amc{,vmc{,svm}}>}{[position, length]}

In each of the previous cases (except the * form), the operator is given the opportunity to change the requested value.

If you press Enter at the = prompt, the symbol remains unchanged. Otherwise, any value typed is placed into the symbol.