%ttyname() function

The %ttyname() function returns a pointer to a static area containing the null terminated path name of the terminal device associated to the file descriptor fd.

For Windows: Not Supported


ptr = (char*)%ttyname(fd)


If fd does not describe a device in the /dev directory, a null pointer is returned.

When run on a phantom process, this function returns a null pointer.

Note: The return value points to static data which is overwritten by each call. The name must be copied, as in the example, to a D3 variable. When run on a phantom process, a null is returned.


char buffer[32]
* Get the device name associated to our standard input
if ptr=0 then
* This is not a terminal (pipe?)
* Copy the data from the static string to Pick
char buffer[32]
%strcpy(buffer, (char*)ptr)
mytty=field(buffer, char(0), 1)