%ioctl() function

The %ioctl() function is a general purpose control function that passes the arguments request and arg to the device designated by file.descriptor.

For Windows: Not Supported


var = %ioctl(file.descriptor, request, arg)


The format of the arguments is device-specific. These arguments are usually binary data that must be kept out of FlashBASIC data space. See the example below.

Extreme care must be exercised when using this function. The arguments to %ioctl() are dependent on the system and the UNIX version. Whenever possible, it is preferable to use the D3 tools to access a device. For example, execute set-baud /dev/tty15,9600 works on all Pick implementations, while the corresponding UNIX ioctl() function varies widely.


* Allocate some data
* Open the terminal and get its termio structure
execute "!exec tty" capturing ttyname
fd=%open(ttyname, o$rdwr)
n=%ioctl(fd, tcgeta, (char*)ptr)
* Release data
%free((char*) ptr)