%startlistilocks() function

The %startlistilocks() function prepares for calls to the %listitemlocksfilter() function and the %endlistilocks() function.


 code = %startlistilocks( hostFSI, &handle )


Input hostFSI The FSI server from which to acquire the list of item locks.
Output handle A handle to the resource. This handle is used when calling the %listitemlocksfilter() and %endlistilocks() functions.


To compile successfully, the cfunction fsi.builtin statement must be included in the source code.

If a value other than 0 is returned, then the call failed. This function is used to prepare for calls to the %listitemlocksfilter() and %endlistilocks() functions.


 cfunction fsi.builtin
 hostFSI = "myserver"
 handle = 0
 code = %startlistilocks( hostFSI, &handle )
 filter = ""
 bufferLength = 1000000
 Char buffer[ bufferLength ]
 bufferLength = %listitemlocksfilter( handle, filter, buffer, bufferLength )
 Crt buffer[ 1, bufferLength ]
 code = %endlistilocks( handle )

Note: For a use case, see dm,bp, nt_list-ilocks.