nt_list-ilocks command

The nt_list-ilocks command generates a report of the FSI item locks that are currently set.


 nt_list-ilocks {-options} {(options}
  • The servername must be first and is the name of the server to query.

    The default servername is in fsi:mds,, ComputerName attribute 1.

  • All parameters are optional.
  • The order of the options does not matter.
  • The (options must be last.


hostfsi <host> Shows locks on given FSI host.

If -hostfsi is not specified, then the host will default to the value in fsi:mds,, ComputerName attribute 1.

options computer Includes the computer name in the report.
time Includes the date and time the item lock was set.
file Uses the full path of one or more files to return the item locks held on those particular files.
pib Uses one or more PIB numbers to return the item locks held by those particular PIB numbers.
help Displays abbreviated TCL help.


When using filters, only lock entries satisfying at least one value for each filter will be included in the report.

Only lock entries for the files bigdata,gps,gps or bigdata,rfid,rfid that are owned by any of the PIB numbers 3, 7, or 12 will be included.

 nt_list-ilocks -file bigdata,gps,gps bigdata,rfid,rfid -pib 3 7 12