Running a FlashBASIC module

Once compiled, the BASIC object code can be run directly, or it can be cataloged. This topic explains how to run a BASIC module.

In its simplest form, a module can be run in these ways:

  • From the VME:

    From TCL, type:

    run bp module
  • From a Visual Basic application:

    Instantiate a Business Rule Module object and call the brCall method.

  • From the D3 File Manager:

    For UNIX: Not Supported

    Right-click the module to run, then select Flash Run.

    In this mode all inputs and outputs are directed by default to a Telnet client that is created on the fly when the module is launched. If the application does an execute or requires any VME service, the module logs on to the VME with a user name equal to the Windows user name, with an underscore added at the end.

  • From MS-DOS:

    For UNIX: Not Supported

    Compile the module with the (g option to export the Flash object code to a directory. It can then be run with the command:

    d3flash –f module

    All terminal I/Os go to the console. Use the -t switch to have a Telnet window.