Creating a FlashBASIC module

A BASIC module is a subroutine that does no I/O and is call from an external source. (It is possible to post-compile an object without the source.)

The Flash object code can be produced:

  • From inside the VME:

    Use a D3 editor (such as edit) to create the source code and compile as follows (the (f option is optional and instructs the compiler to use the floating point chip for faster execution):

    edit bp myprogram
    compile bp myprogram (of

    If bp is a Q-pointer to a file in the FSI, the object code produced in the dictionary of bp is available to all applications.

  • From the D3 File Manager (FSI):

    1. Enter the source code using the small edit box (if the code is not too long).

    2. Right-click the module to compile from the list view, then select Flash Compile.