Cataloging a FlashBASIC Module

Cataloging makes code easier to locate. It is not necessary to catalog a BASIC module to run or call it. Cataloging does not affect performance since the object code is always loaded in a dynamically extensible shared memory segment.

There are two catalogs: the account and the domain catalogs.

Account Catalog

The Account Catalog is created with the TCL catalog command. A record is added to the Master Dictionary of the account the user is logged to. The Account Catalog is available only to VME, ODBC, PickDP and FlashCONNECT applications.

To catalog a Flash module after compiling it, type:

catalog bp module

Domain Catalog

For UNIX: Not Supported

The Domain Catalog describes domain-wise elements. The RuleModules domain catalog allows a distributed application to locate BASIC subroutines called by VB Rule Module objects or from the File Manager.

The Domain Catalog can be updated from TCL or the D3 File Manager.

  • To update from TCL:

    Run the TCL catalog command with the (g option.

    catalog bp module (g
  • To update from the D3 File Manager:

    Right-click the modules, then select Flash Catalog.

    Note: Routines that are called from Visual Basic modules or triggers should be in the Domain Catalog. This avoids having to specify an explicit path when calling modules.
    Warning: The key to the Domain Catalog is the name of the module. Only 1 module of the same name can be in the Domain Catalog.