Attribute count expression

An attribute count expression (ac expression) is any numeric constant or any arithmetic, logical, or string expression that evaluates to a valid numeric value, used to reference an attribute count within statements, functions, and arrays or string variable.


In the following example, 1 is the attribute count expression.

readv from customer.file,cust-ID,1 else...

The variable apos must be numeric; in this case it is a 2.

apos = 2
readv company.address from customer.file,cust-ID,apos else...

The numeric constant 1 indicates attribute 1 of the string in the customer.item variable.

customer.item<1> = "test string"

The arithmetic expression, bpos+i, calculates the attribute position in audit.item.

audit.item<bpos+i> = amount.list<bpos>