ereplace() function

The ereplace() function searches a str.exp for the search.str. If the search.str is at the start occurrence, then replacement.str replaces search.str for the amount specified in occurrences.


 ereplace(str.exp, search.str, replacement.str{,occurrences{,start}})




str.exp String in which the specified search.str is searched.
search.str String to search for in str.exp.
replacement.str String to replace the specified search.str.
occurrences Specifies the number of occurrences of search.str to be replaced by replacement.str. If not specified, the default is 0, which replaces all found occurrences.
start Specifies on which occurrence of search string the replacement begins.

If not specified, the default is 1.


Example 1

This code assigns the value "The old time" to nstring:

 nstring = ereplace("The new time","new","old")

Example 2

This code outputs "++-". The ereplace() function replaces two occurrences of "-" starting at the first occurrence.

 print ereplace("---","-","+",2,1)