Determines whether the widget is transparent.

"Transparency=False | True"

Value Description
False (default) Widget is displayed using the widget's background color.
True Widget is displayed with transparent background, so the color or image on the underlying form or entity is visible


Dynamic? Yes for widgets; No for labels
Supported in Grid? No
Dependencies: None


When Transparency is True, the Background Color of the widget or label is ignored, and the underlying color or image is displayed.

Edit Box

When Transparency is True, the performance may be slower because each time a user enters a character or the focus changes, the window is redrawn to display the widget content.

Note:  For this reason, it is best to use this property only if the widget overlaps a background image. Otherwise, just rely on the Background Color property.

If the field value is longer than the field size and Alignment is set to right or center , the contents are left-aligned and will not be scrolled.

Radio Group

The Transparency property should be set to false to ensure that the radio buttons are correctly rendered. If Transparency is True, the selected button appears hexagonal instead of round.

Check Box

For the Check Box widget, the associated label is transparent, so the background is not painted.


For labels, setting Transparency=True is useful when a label is on top of an image or is part of a line frame.

In character mode (CHUI), this property has no effect. To have the label appear transparent, set the background color of the label to the background color of the parent widget or entity.

Setting in ProcScript

This property can be set in ProcScript for widgets, but not for labels.