Displays a toolbar for the widget, containing the specified items.

toolbar= {attribute}, {font}, {indentation}, {bulletlist}, {alignment}, {textcolor}


The Toolbar property contains a comma-delimited string of toolbar properties that determine the tools that are included in the toolbar. The order of these properties determines the order in which they are displayed in the toolbar.

Valid Toolbar Properties



Toolbar Icons


Displays the Bold, Italic, and Underline buttons.

Bold, Italic, and Underline


Displays the Font Name and Font Size controls

The contents Font Name list depends on the fonts installed under Microsoft Windows.

Font Name and Font Size


Displays the Indent Text and Outdent Text buttons

 Indent Text and Outdent Text


Displays the Bulleted List button

Bulleted List button


Displays the Left Align, Right Align, and Center Align buttons.

Left Align, Right Align, and


Displays the Text Color button

Text Color button

It is not possible to specify individual controls in the toolbar. For example, you cannot display only the Bold and Italic controls and not display the Underline button. If you specify attribute in the Toolbar, all three buttons are displayed.

The toolbar color is determined by the PANELCOLOR setting in the .ini file.

This is a static property that cannot be set in ProcScript.

Setting in the Initialization File

For example, to include a complete toolbar in the widget you can set the property as:


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