The HeaderButton is a logical widget for styling a button to look like a column heading.

Header buttons

Header buttons above edit boxes in the default entity widget

For more information, see Specifying a Widget for a Field or Entity.

Widget Summary

Logical widget name:


Maps to physical widget:

Default definition:


Supported triggers and properties:

See ucmdbutton

Use for:

Static or control fields (as defined by the Is Static and Is Control properties) of type String.

Grid and MSAA Support

Supported in Grid?

Yes, but not as column header. Some properties may not be applicable.

For more information, see egrid (Grid) and Widgets and Properties Supported in Grid Widget.

Supports MSAA?



The HeaderButton is typically used as a column heading when styling an entity as a table, but without using the Grid widget. The HeaderButton follows Windows conventions.

The text displayed on the button comes from the field value.

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