Update processor overview

The Update processor (UP) is a dictionary-driven, full-screen editor and data processor. Used with the Output processor, it operates as a document processor.

The Update processor can be used to view, create, and manipulate file items. The Update processor facilitates editing text, dictionaries, programs, and data files (in D3, everything is an item in a file). When used as a data processor, attribute-defining items in the file's dictionary are employed to verify and translate data as it is entered and retrieved.

FlashBASIC subroutines can be called from dictionaries allowing absolute control of all data entry using the Update processor and dictionaries. If no attribute-defining items are specified, the Update processor functions as a full-screen editor.

When invoked, the Update processor copies the specified item to a workspace and displays as much of the item on the screen as it can. The cursor is placed on the first character of the first value of the first attribute of the item.

Once the item has been loaded, any character you type overwrites the existing text. Control key commands are used to perform editing functions. An automatic wordwrap feature moves whole words to the next line as they are typed when you overrun the end of the current line. An optional spelling checker beeps when a character is typed that does not lead to a legal word.

Update processor commands are formed by simultaneously pressing the CTRL key and one of the alphabetic keys. Some Update processor commands require entering more command characters, while others require text input.

Text is normally entered in the insert mode. CTRL+R is used to toggle between the insert and overtype modes. When in the input mode, pressing CTRL+M creates a new attribute or paragraph. When in the overtype mode, CTRL+M moves the cursor to the next attribute. The default mode is overtype.

Changes made using the Update processor have no effect on the actual item in the file unless the changes are saved. Items can be exited at any time without filing by typing CTRL+XE.