Spell checking commands

The Update processor spelling checker verifies the spelling of text as it is entered. As each character is typed, the spelling checker verifies that the character or string of characters make or may become a legal word. The spelling checker beeps to indicate the word was not found, but does not interrupt the entry process.

The words used by the spelling checker are stored in the dm,words file. To view the words immediately adjacent to the misspelled word in the words file, use CTRL+U to get the next legal word or CTRL+Y to get the previous word.

The spelling checker uses the speller, speller-off, and speller-on TCL commands for checking or changing its current state. A Q-pointer must be present in the current account master dictionary to the dm,words file and an index must be present on attribute 0 of the dm,words file. This Q-pointer is usually provided to each new account automatically and can be found in the dm,newac file.

The spelling checker applies only to items that have an attribute type of w in their attribute-defining item.

Command Description
CTRL+A Overrides spelling checker and accepts the characters.
CTRL+AA Inserts the word into the words file and continues.
CTRL+AAA Turns off the spelling checker.
CTRL+ZS Toggles the spelling checker on and off from any point in the item.

There are several other ways the spelling checker can be turned off, including from TCL or from a macro.