Halt error codes

When halt errors occur, the message and error code below display:

Monitor halt code XX at 0xNNNNNNNN


XX Error code in decimal.
NNNNNNNN Address where the halt occurred.

Code (hex) Description
1 (01) Machine abort (for example, bus errors, segmentation violations, and so on). This error often indicates an ABS corruption. Run the TCL verify-system command.

To exit the monitor debugger:

  • Type g, and then press ENTER to continue.

  • Enter the Virtual Debugger.

14 (0E) Process workspace corruption. This error occurs when a process workspace is so badly corrupted that it cannot enter the Virtual Debugger. To recover from this error, use the TCL command reset-user port.number to clean up the bad process from another terminal.
16 (10) Old process. When the flusher, which controls the virtual machine, is terminated by UNIX (or by a kill -9 command), in the case of low paging space, the virtual machine is restarted and these processes are halted when trying to access any resource. This error does not harm the virtual machine and can be ignored. To continue in the monitor debugger, type g and press ENTER.

All halt errors are logged in the D3 UNIX error log.


Some errors are trapped in the monitor debugger with this message:

Register dump

where YY is the hexadecimal value of XX.