Boot error codes

When boot errors occur, the message and error code below displays:

Boot aborted D3 process terminated. Line 0. Code X (0xNNNNNNNN)


X Error code in decimal.
0xNNNNNNNN Error code in hexadecimal.

Error Code Value Description
>0   A signal number greater than 0 from 1 to 22. All signals are caught by the process. However, signals that are not caught, terminate the process. All UNIX signals are caught by the monitor. If this error occurs, it is likely that a user-written C function restored the signal handler routine to SIG_DFL.
-n ( 1< n < 1000) An instruction diagnostic error. The monitor instruction diagnostics are executed at boot time by line 0. In case of error, the process is terminated with a negative error code. The absolute value is the instruction diagnostic number.
p_dskerr -1000 A disk error that is unrecoverable. Check the configuration file. A common cause for this error is a disk size too small (third argument to the disk statement in the configuration file).
p_ioerr -1001 A terminal I/O error. Use the command below to check the read/write permissions to your terminal:
ls -l /dev/ttyXX
p_maxfid -1010 MAXFID has changed. The monitor required confirmation, but the user decided to abandon. A file restore is required. This error occurs when selecting the x option on a disk, which has either no file or damaged files. Check the Configuration file to verify that the size of the disks or the number of disks has not been changed.
p_sysbase -1011 SYSBASE has changed. The monitor required confirmation, but the user decided to abandon. This error occurs if the number of process identification blocks (PIBs) has changed to a size greater than the number allowed by the license. A file restore is required.
p_flushst -1012 Flush process has terminated upon receiving a logoff signal.
p_halt -1013 Displays the monitor halt code and address.
p_nopib -1014 No PIB available on the virtual machine. The maximum number of users allowed on the system has been reached. No new user process can be started.
p_twofls -1015 Flush process is already active.
p_vabserr -1016 ABS is invalid or is not loaded. Perform an ABS restore (a option) and reboot.
p_defect -1017 Defect table has not been initialized. Delete disk and reload both the ABS and files.
p_defectr -1018 Defect table cannot be read. Disk needs to be reformatted and both the ABS and files reloaded.
p_bactkey -1019 An error occurred while trying to activate the machine. Possible reasons are:
  • Installer does not agree with terms.

  • Invalid activation key entered.

  • Attempt to activate more PIBs than license allows.

p_badsksz -1020 Size of the disk in the configuration file is invalid. Convert the size and the configuration file.
p_ra -2001 Global MCB address error. The monitor is incompatible with the UNIX version. A different monitor is required for UNIX System V Release 4.

See also

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