update-md command

The update-md BASIC program updates command definitions in a specified account master dictionary, or in a list of master dictionaries. Any conflicts found are logged in the clashes file, with a new data section added for each account.

The account is checked in this manner:

  • If an item is in newac but not the master dictionary, then it is copied to the master dictionary.

  • If an item is in both newac and the master dictionary, and is a file-defining item in the master dictionary, the file-defining item is retained.

  • If an item is in both newac and the master dictionary and is not a file-defining item, the newac item is overwritten with the item in the master dictionary and the master dictionary item is written into the dm,clashes,<account.name> file.

  • If an item is a Proc in the master dictionary and there is no corresponding item in newac, the Proc is retained.

  • If an item is a cataloged FlashBASIC program in the master dictionary and there is no corresponding item in newac nor in the dm master dictionary, the format of the item is updated to the D3 format.

All other items are retained.


update-md {account.name}




options i Allows choosing the implementation whose entries will be used to update the md instead of defaulting to the current implementation.
n Skips prompts


The update-md command checks for illegal command definitions and converts old catalog pointer items to D3 format. Additionally, the update-md command converts system privilege values of sys3 to sys2 for compatibility.

An active list (consisting of account names) can be used prior to running update-md to update several accounts at once.

If no account name is specified, and no list is active, the system requests the account name.

The process prompts with these messages:

Create user-ID from each account name (y, <n>)?

This prompt allows the automatic creation of user-IDs corresponding to any account updated. Valid responses are y, n, or Enter, which defaults to n.

Enter md file name:

This is where the new account name is entered. Pressing ENTER at this prompt terminates the process.

The clashes file holds invalid items removed from the master dictionary by the update-md program. Each account updated gets its own data section in the clashes file. The command, lf dm,clashes, displays these data sections.

The update-md command logs information about its run to the updatemd.log file (which it creates if it doesn't already exist). It populates the dictionary with attribute-defining-items (ADIs) to assist in generating reports. After successfully running update-md on an account, run ld dm,updatemd.log, to see the ADIs. For example, to see which user ran update-md on which accounts and when, run sort dm,updatemd.log, date time who_user account_target.


Create user-ID from each account name (y, <n>)? n
Enter md file name: production