Master dictionary file

The master dictionary file contains commands, Procs, Macros, Menus, connectives, default attribute-defining items, file-defining items (both local (D-pointers) and synonym (Q-pointers)) and cataloged FlashBASIC programs.





There is one master dictionary file for each account. When a new account is created, a standard set of vocabulary items are copied into the new account’s master dictionary. File-defining items (D-pointers) and synonym-defining items (Q-pointers) are two types of file pointers found in a master dictionary. File-defining items point to files within the current account. Synonym-defining items can point to files either within the current account or within other accounts.

Attributes 2 and 3 of file-defining items in an account master dictionary contain the base FID and modulo respectively of the file dictionary to which the item points.

The usage and definition of the attributes in the master dictionary file-defining item are described in File-defining items.

The Update processor displays the contents of attributes 1 through 10 (with default values in place for new accounts). To add to the contents of attribute 13, move the cursor to the end of attribute 10, press ENTER three times and add the new modulo surrounded by parentheses to resize the master dictionary file in attribute 13.