type-ahead command

The type-ahead command enables or disables the type ahead feature for the current PIB or displays the current status if no options are provided.


 type-ahead {(options}


options port.number Integer number that displays or changes settings for the port number.

If not specified, the type_ahead command is set on the current port.

f Sets the type-ahead command to Off.

Windows only: This option is not supported for line 0.

n Sets the type-ahead command to On. This is the default.
s Suppresses output of the status message.


Warning: Pushing a level or issuing a break clears all characters from the type-ahead buffer.

The type-ahead command is the process of buffering characters entered at a keyboard to allow for faster typing. When type-ahead is On, the system allows typing in characters ahead before actually being displayed.

For example: After entering a select command at TCL, a save-list command can be entered into the type-ahead buffer. When the select finishes, the save-list command is entered immediately, provided an Enter was issued at the end of the command.

The command does not display on the screen until the previous process returns to TCL. There is no limit to the number of commands that can be typed ahead.


Example 1

 [1312] Type-ahead is on.

Example 2

 type-ahead (f
 [1313] Type-ahead is off.

Example 3

 type-ahead (n
 [1312] Type-ahead is on.