tcl command

The tcl command suspends the process on the specified port, pushes a level on that port, and then executes the TCL command.


Note: If the specified process is in the debugger, the tcl command fails with an error message.
 tcl port.number user-ID tcl.commands{(options)}


options s Suppresses messages on the current port.


  • If the command results in terminal output, that output is displayed on the destination port.
  • If the output is generated using the messages file (that is, [546] Process in the debugger), the output is also displayed on the port from which the tcl command was issued.


Executes the count md command on port 33, provided that the current user-ID is dm. If the current user-ID is not specified or is invalid, the command does not take place.

The results of the count command display on both port 33 and on the port originating the tcl command.

 tcl 33 dm count md