shp-kill command

The shp-kill command terminates a D3 printer shared with UNIX and all the associated processes. Users who do not own the process and are not root, will not be able to kill the printer.

For Windows: Not supported

Note: It is recommended to use the sp-kill command instead, which checks whether the specified printer is shared and calls shp-kill if it is.


shp-kill number


number D3 printer number, as specified in the startshp command.

This command executes the command sp-kill dprinter.number.

It relies on the existence of the log files created in /var/tmp/lppick by the startshp command. The shp-kill command can:

  • Issue an sp-kill of the D3 printer process.

  • Send SIGTERM to the underlying D3 process, waiting up to 5 seconds before sending a SIGKILL.

  • Ensure the associated lppick filter process is terminated. If this is not the case, a SIGTERM followed by a SIGKILL is sent to this process.

  • Verify the user-ID issuing the command as either the one that owns the process or root.

Note: The shp-kill command can be used only with shared printers started by the startshp command.


shp-kill 0