Options (Spooler)

Spooler options can be specified to most spooler commands. Some have numeric arguments.

To keep these options clear for the options interpreter, it is recommended that numeric options be separated with spaces as shown in the following example:
 sp-assign 3 hs f1 ?

This form of the sp-assign sets parameters for hold file output, suppresses print out at the end of the job, routes output to form queue 1, and 3 copies.

The spaces in this option string are optional, in this case, since there are no instances of back-to-back numeric parameters. Options can be placed in any order. Consider the case:

 sp-assign f1 3 hs ?

Without the space between the 1 and 3, one copy of the output is directed to form queue 13, rather than 1.

Note: Spooler options do not have to be enclosed in parentheses like options with other TCL commands. If numeric options are within parentheses, parameters outside of the parentheses are ignored.