pid command

The pid BASIC program displays the UNIX PID of a D3 process.

For Windows: Not Supported


pid {port.number} {(options}
pid * {} {(options}


options p Directs output to the system printer via spooler.

The D3 process is specified by a port number (PIB), all D3 processes currently connected if the argument is an asterisk, or if there is no argument in the current process.

The first form displays the UNIX PID or the specified D3 port number (PIB). The second form displays the UNIX PIDs of all the D3 processes currently connected to the virtual machine. An asterisk precedes the current process. If a list of PIDs to search is provided, a plus sign displays before each process found in the list. This form is useful to determine whether a specified UNIX process, identified by its PID, is connected to the virtual machine.


34726 is the current UNIX PID.



14525 is the UNIX PID for D3 PIB 22.

pid 22


Displays the PIDs of all D3 processes and searches to determine if the UNIX processes 36978 and 2345 are D3 processes. This command was executed on (D3) line 2. The UNIX process 36978 is connected to the virtual machine on line 3, and the process 2345 is not connected to this virtual machine.

pid * 36978 2345

===   ======  ===   ======
0     35002   * 2   6513
+ 3   36978   4     42611