listconn command

The listconn BASIC program produces a report of all items defined as connectives (also called modifiers) in the specified file reference.

Note: The default file reference is md.

Any item in the master dictionary with the letter c as the first character in attribute 1 is a connective. The items in the report are sorted by the value of attribute 1.


listconn {file.reference} {(options}




options n Affects output to the terminal only, preventing output from pausing at the end of each (terminal) page of output.
p Directs output to the system printer, via the spooler.



22 Feb 2003   Connective Listings For DM
krb,,.......  A1..........................
secondary     c*
fill          c+
by-exp-dsnd   c-
by-exp        c.
by-dsnd       c/
by            c0
&             c1
and           c1
within        c2
each          c3
every         c3
if            c4
with          c4
ifno          c4d
without       c4d
duplicate     c5
only          c5