listc command

The listc BASIC program invokes the list-label BASIC program to produce a columnar display of the item-IDs in the specified file, in the order of appearance in the file.


listc file.reference {select.list}{heading"heading text"}{(n}


n Number of columns - 4 default; 6 maximum.

Any valid selection criteria can be passed through to AQL for processing.


listc md with a1 "d]"

03                    Feb 2003       Items in File MD   Page 1
d3.doc.platforms      d3.doc.files   d3.doc.release     HELP-FILE
d3.doc.types          neat.stuff     d3.doc.processor
spool-file            dm.newac       d3.doc.status      pointer-file
msb                   d3.doc.categories  doc.old            book           temp               d3.doc
wsym                  bp             macros             ad.sup
PCPROGS               doc            schedule
[405] 27 items listed out of 1445 items.