list-resizing macro

The list-resizing command lists the status of files currently being resized from the dm,resizing file.


list-resizing {(options}


options n Affects output to the terminal only, preventing output from pausing at the end of each (terminal) page of output.
p Directs output to the system printer, via the spooler.

The report includes these headings:

account Account where file resides.
filename Name of the file.
pib Resizing file processes, which are active at the moment and have item locks held for the appropriate resizing item.
current Current relative group being rehashed.
max Maximum groups to rehash.


Indicates that the mydata file in the dm account is currently being resized. The process is currently about half way through rehashing the file because the current relative group is 50, which is about half of the required maximum, 101.


Page        1             dm,resizing,
account.    filename.     pib.    current.   max...
dm          mydata        20      50         101