list-obj command

The list-obj BASIC program outputs descriptive internal information about programs compiled for BASIC and FlashBASIC.

Without any options, the list-obj command outputs information on the bp file.


list-obj {file.reference}{(options}


options e Outputs BASIC frame usage, FlashBASIC frame usage, total frame usage, beginning FID, and release version last compiled.
p Directs output to the spooler.
r Includes runtime statistics in the output.

The report includes these headings:

date Last compile date
time Last compile time
frames Total frame usage
port Port number program was last compiled on
user User name who last compiled program
account Account that user was logged onto when program was last compiled

If the r option is specified, these additional headings are included in the report:

run date The last date the current pick object code was run.
run time The last time the current pick object code was run.
run count Total number of times the current pick object code has run since being compiled.
Note: Subroutines running in FlashBasic mode are not stamped and will display as 12/31/67 00:00:00 0.


list-obj bp (e

Using the e option, the report includes these headings: Number of frames of standard pick object code. Number of frames of ’flashed’ object code.
frames Total number of frames
start fid Starting frame number
release Release level in affect when the program was compiled.