list-files command

The list-files BASIC program produces a report of all file-defining items(D-pointers) and synonym-defining items (Q-pointers).


list-files {lptr} {(options}




options f Displays D-pointer files only.
p Directs output to system printer via the spooler.
q Displays Q-pointer files only.

The report that it produces is in two parts. The first part is a listing of all the local files. This is a listing of all files with a d, optionally followed by a second character, in the dictionary code attribute (attribute 1 in the master dictionary).

This part of the report contains:

  • the dictionary name.

  • the base FID.

  • the dictionary modulo.

  • the data-portions and their base FIDs and modulos.

  • the file’s dictionary code, if it is anything other than d.

The second part of the report contains those items defined as synonym-defining items, or Q-pointers. This includes the target account and target file name.


list-files (pf