list-file-stats command

The list-file-stats BASIC program produces the file statistics report generated from the most recently executed file-save command or account-save command.


list-file-stats {det-supp}{leg-supp|legend-supp} {tcl-supp} {(options}


options b Suppresses the number of items listed message at the end of most AQL reports (see ni-supp modifier).
c Suppresses column headings above output columns as well as the default page heading on AQL reports (see col-hdr-supp modifier).
h Suppresses the default page heading (system time/date and page number) (see hdr-supp modifier).
i If this option is used, the results will include the number of bytes and frames that are used in both the data and the index. Note that this command requires that you run the save command with the (b option.
n Affects output to the terminal only, preventing the AQL output from pausing at the end of each (terminal) page of output (see nopage modifier).
p Directs output of the AQL sentence to the system printer, via the spooler (see lptr modifier).
w Displays the output of a list or sort command in a full screen window, allowing the user to scroll backward, forward, left, and right through the report. If a minus sign (-) displays after the w option, then a wide virtual display is used to display the output of the AQL sentence. The user can then scroll left and right a screen at a time, as well as up and down a screen at a time. If a number is entered, that number of lines from the top of the first page are stored away as the header, and are displayed on each page. This may cause confusion for reports that display the page number within the header. The h option (hdr-supp) is automatically appended to any reports that do not include a heading sentence. A short help screen is available while displaying the output to elaborate on the keystrokes.

The list-file-stats command lists both VME and FSI file statistics, listing the file statistics for VME first.

For a separate FSI listing, type ntlfs {(p} from TCL.

  • VME: file-of-files (hyphenated)

  • FSI: FileOfFiles (not hyphenated)

In general terms, when referring to either file, file of files file is used.

Statistics are produced from the dm,file-of-files, file or the fsi:dm,FileOfFiles, file.

The data displays as:

r# Reel number (or volume number) that the file resides on (from the last file-save).
seq# File sequence number that numbers from 1 to nn across the whole file-save.
file# File sequence number in the system’s master dictionary.
fname File name.
mod Modulo of the file.
bytes Size (in bytes) of the file.
items Number of items in the file.
ovfitms Number of items residing in overflow frames (secondary file space).
frames Total number of frames used by this file.
ptr-fms Number of pointer frames used by this file.


sort dm,file-of-files, by name id-supp reel# seq# file# roll-on acct "*** 
’UVF’" fname mod total bytes total items total ovf-itms total frames total ptr-fms
grand-total "’U’" heading "PAGE ’P’ ** FILE STATISTICS REPORT ** ’DCLL’" with stat#
"2" lptr
PAGE 1 ** FILE STATISTICS REPORT ** 16 Feb 2003 r# seq#. file# fname...... mod bytes items ovfitms frames ptr-fms 3 89 132 17 4470 8 25 8 4 109 142 01 1 556 1 2 1 4 111 139 TOOLS 1 20632 20 22 21 4 113 141 TOOLS OBSLT 1 15080 30 28 17 5 4 112 140 TOOLS TOOLS 3 23226 30 18 29 21 ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- *** atp4 359333 125 479 366 131 ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- *** tutor 172970 945 355 210 129 ======= ======= ======= ======= ======= 4170691 15323 6229 5546 2645 [405] 132 items listed out of 158 items.