fuser command

The fuser BASIC program displays ownership information about a device.

For Windows: Not Supported

The fuser command is useful to determine which tape device is currently used, especially in an environment where several virtual machines are active, or where a UNIX application shares devices with a D3 virtual machine.


 fuser {device.number} {(options}
 fuser {device.name} {(options}
 fuser {*} {(options}


device.number Tape/device number obtained from the list-device command.
device.name Device name. This form can be used with any device name, even if it is not part of the tape devices normally used by the D3 virtual machine. The usual UNIX wildcards are allowed (for example, fuser /dev/*fd0*, which examines all devices connected to the floppy disk drive 0).
* Selects all Tape devices. This is the default option.
options p Directs output to system printer via the spooler.
The fuser command is not available on all versions of UNIX. It requires root privilege, therefore the D3 process should be started from root, with the -l option to retain the root ID.


 fuser *

 Device          PID    TTY    PIB    User    Account    Mode/command
 /dev/rfd0h:     1265   tty2   001    dm      dm         tp.chk:000