break-key-off macro

The break-key-off macro disables the BREAK key on the current port. If the PIB number is specified, the BREAK key is disabled on the requested PIB number.


break-key-off {}



Parameter(s) Process Identification Block (PIB) number. Default is the current process.


By default, the debugger is enabled for all processes. This security feature can be used for end-user applications.

If you disable the debugger for an account, users cannot break out of a process.


Example 1

[1323] Break key disabled.
To confirm that the debugger is disabled, try to break into the debugger by pressing the BREAK key.
Note: If there is no BREAK key on your keyboard, you can use Fn + B or Fn + Ctrl + B for the same result.

Example 2

break-key-off 35
[1347] Break key disabled for pib 35.