break statement

The break statement enables or disables the BREAK key.


break [off|on|exp]


off Disables the BREAK key.
on Reverses the effect of the last executed break off statement. If multiple break off statements are executed, an equal number of break on statements must be executed to return to a breakable state.
exp In the expression form, the BREAK key is disabled when exp evaluates to 0 (false), and enabled when exp evaluates to nonzero (true).


The BREAK key, if enabled, interrupts the current process and either invokes the FlashBASIC or BASIC debugger or pushes a level.

Note: When in the break off state, breakpoints are disabled from within the FlashBASIC Debugger.

The expression following break must evaluate as numeric or this run-time warning message displays:

[b16] in program "pgm", line n: Nonnumeric data when numeric required; zero used.


If the value of user is fred, this has the same effect as issuing the TCL break-on command.

break user = "fred"