tcl-stack file

The tcl-stack file keeps a record of all commands issued from TCL.




Normally, the item-ID of the 1 file is the users-ID. If a t option is included in the options attribute of the users item, the item-ID of the tcl-stack is the line number of the process logged on.

A users item must be created in the users file prior to any user logging on to the system. However, tcl-stack items are created automatically when the user executes the first command from TCL.

Each and every unique command typed at the : TCL prompt, is saved as an attribute in the tcl-stack file. Having unlimited item size means that there is no size limit for the items in the tcl-stack. Therefore, the file size should be monitored by the System Administrator. Because the 2 file is on the dm account, it should be saved (with t-dump) prior to an operating system upgrade.

1 tcl-stack
2 tcl-stack