.char command

The .char command sends a raw string of characters to the printer or terminal without translation.


.char {delimiter} character{s}{delimiter}


delimiter Specifies the character used to indicate the boundaries of the string of characters or character specified. The space character is the default.
Note: A forced delimiter occurs at the end of the attribute.
character Specifies a string of characters or character marked off by the delimiter.


Since neither a carriage return nor a line feed (CR/LF) is printed, the .char command can be included in a sentence as a separate attribute without breaking the paragraph.

To specify nonprintable characters, enter a value mark (CTRL+V), followed by the decimal representation.

For example, to specify the control character sequence Esc, P, where the decimal representation of Esc is 27, the sequence is CTRL+V, 27 P.

Note: Value marks display as a right bracket when using the list-item command. Value marks cannot be displayed using the Update processor.


.char /]27(s1010p0s3T/