replace statement

The replace statement maintains referential integrity between items that contain bidirectional bridges used by the Update processor by eliminating duplicate item-IDs.


replace file.var, item-ID.old with


file.var File that contains the duplicate item-IDs
item-ID.old Item to be replaced with Item to replace item-ID.old.

Description replaces item-ID.old in bridged-to items. item-ID.old is deleted after replacement. In order for the database to be consistent, there should be two-way bridges between the references.


Assume that two files exist with the data shown below. Both files contain a bridge to attribute 1 of the other file.

File1 File2
ID Attr1 ID Attr1
b 1 1 b
c 2 2 c
d 3 3 d

Now assume that this FlashBASIC or BASIC program is run:

open "file1" to f1
replace f1,"b" with "c"

Now, the files contain:

File1 File2
ID Attr1 ID Attr1
c 1]2 1 c
d 3 2 c
    3 d