Debugging Uniface Applications

Uniface provides tools and ProcScript instructions to help you debug applications during development, and to monitor and control the execution of ProcScript in a running application.

  • ProcScript compiler—identifies syntax errors in ProcScript code.
  • Uniface Debugger—enables you to identify logic errors in ProcScript and opttimize your code. You can monitor and control the execution of ProcScript, interactively to step through ProcScript, trace I/O and ProcScript execution, browse ProcScript modules, set watches on expressions, and set breakpoints.
  • ProcScript instructions—ProcScript functions such as $status, $procerror, and $procerrorcontext, enable you to retrieve and analyze ProcScript execution and errors.
  • Runtime diagnostic messages—you can determine the detail of messages and specify their destination using ProcScript instructions and assignment settings, such as $ioprint and /pri. For more information, see I/O Message Levels.
  • ProcScript Profiling and Tracing—analyze performance problems by logging trigger processing time.

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