ProcScript for Manipulating Structs

The ProcScript language provides a struct data type, ProcScript statements and functions, as well as access operators and Struct functions that enable you to manipulate data in a Struct and transform it into other data formats.

ProcScript for Creating and Transforming Structs
ProcScript Description
struct Data type for variables and parameters
$newstruct Create a new, empty Struct
$equalStructRefs Checks whether struct variables point to the same Struct.
componentToStruct Convert Uniface component data into a Struct
structToComponent Load data from a Struct into a Uniface component
xmlToStruct Convert XML data into a Struct
structToXml Convert Struct data into XML
jsonToStruct Convert JSON data into a Struct
structToJson Convert a Struct into JSON

To query Structs and their members, get or set Struct annotations, or insert, move, and delete Struct members you can use the Struct functions. Both members and functions can be addressed using the de-reference access operator.

For more information, see Struct Functions and Struct Access Operators.

Note: A USTRUCT Global ProcScript library is available in the uniface/misc folder as libprc.ustruct.xml. This library is exception-enabled by default and can be modified as needed.

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