trigger representationChanged

Interactive trigger that handles processing when the user ends an inline edit action on an item in the Tree widget.

trigger representationChanged
   string itemValue : in
   string control : in ; TREE | LIST
   string newRepresentation : in

; <Your code here>

end ; trigger representationChanged
Applies to: Form widgets: utree (Tree)
Activation: Activated when the user presses Enter or Esc after an inline edit action.
Default behavior: None
Behavior upon completion: None


  • itemValue—value of the edited item
  • Control—input control; one of:
    • TREE—user clicked in the tree view
    • LIST—user clicked in the list view
  • newRepresentation—text entered by the user


A user can change the text of a node or leaf in a tree only if the tree widget property Inline Edit is TRUE. In this case, the representationChanged trigger is fired after the user completes the following sequence of actions:

  1. Selects a node or leaf in the tree
  2. Double-clicks the mouse or presses the F2 key to allow a change to be made
  3. Changes the text
  4. Presses the Enter or Esc key

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